How To Choose A Resort

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There are many factors when it comes to choosing a resort to visit in Hawaii.  Depending on why you are there and your personality will dictate which of these factors is most important to you.  Throughout this blog we will cover a wide variety of factors to help you make your choice.  Hawaii has a lot to offer but every resort isn’t perfect for everyone.

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This is perhaps the most limiting factor when it comes to choosing a resort and often the only factor considered by many.  Your financial situation may unfortunately preclude you from going to the exact resort you want to go to.  If there is a particular resort you do want to go to you can always consider something like extending your credit or pulling out a small home equity line of credit if your credit score is good enough, but this isn’t often recommended for most unless you have a particularly strong financial history or a plan to pay back any borrowed money.  Some resorts will take payment plans if you have decent credit.  Those individuals with poor credit we recommend reaching out to a Dallas Credit Repair company that we have worked with in the past to help increase your score and help you qualify for the financial products you are looking for.  If budget is a major factor then you might consider the time of year you wish to make your trip.  Certain times of the year are going to be more expensive based on demand, so traveling to Hawaii during the off season will save you considerable amounts of money.

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Single or Married?

Certain resorts cater specifically to newly weds and those celebrating anniversaries while other resorts are directed towards those individuals that are single.  You often see this idea in place on things like “Singles Cruises” and the like where the intent is to fill up the resort (or cruise in that instance) with singles to foster a more fun environment for everyone.  Other resorts, for couples, offer romantic activities for one-on-one engagement like couples massages and romantic dinners by the beach.  The activities offered at these resorts are much more intimate and less inviting for those outside the couple.  Resorts catered to singles are catered towards group activities like large beach parties or even speed dating.  Depending on why you are there will determine which type of resort and which activities you choose to participate in.  Hawaii isn’t a one size fits all even if the resorts will try to sell you that.

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Length of Stay

Your length of stay is the final factor we will look at in this post.  Some resorts are very large and offer a ton of amenities.  Things you could do throughout the course of several weeks.  Things like helicopter tours, snorkeling, luaus, volcano hiking and explorations, and so much more.  These types of resorts contain so many things to do that you could easily spend 2 weeks here and not even notice the time flying by.  Other retreats have very specific and special activities meant to do once or twice as kind of a once in a lifetime type of activity.  These places rely on you to do more of the vacationing outside of the resort rather than a place that takes care of everything for you and typically will cater to shorter stays.

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